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fun fact




double stuf oreo™ cookies only have 1.86 times more icing than normal oreos, not 2 times! so its not actually double stuffed, haha!

Oreo wouldn’t tell us this

This blog is a fraud

Shut your mouth, bitch!

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what a queen

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Anonymous said: My boyfriend & I usually have sex on the floor behind his bed so when you walk in you can only see the bed. And we were having sex one day & I was on top and his mom walks in and she can't see him but she can see me with my shirt on, and she's asking me where he is and I'm sitting on his dick & he's on the bottom trying not to laugh and moving around to make me make faces. And we were talking for like 15 minutes while I was sitting on his dick and having pleasant talk with his mom. NEVER AGAIN.


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i cant believe oprah just changed math forever and theres nothing we can do about it

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